"I find it fascinating that TC is both one of the funniest entertainers you could ever hope to see,
and is also a warm, sincere, empathetic reader.

If I needed a reading for any reason at all,
TC Tahoe would be one of the first people I'd contact.

Richard Webster
International Best Selling Author

TC Tahoe is a Intuitive who uses Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Numerology
, and more.

He is a Speaker, Entertainer, Author, Facilitator and Teacher.
Utilizing all his unique skills, TC assists individuals
and groups into understanding and reaching their true potential.

“TC was absolutely genius-
hands down one of the absolute best
live performances I’ve every seen.”

Mark Joyner
Internet / Marketing Guru

”TC, you are fantastic…Thank you so much!”
Josh Brolin
Star of Jonah Hex